I'm Colleen.







Designing, building, and scaling world-class experiences for all

Solve with data-backed designs

My expertise lies in shipping seamless and responsive user experiences which solve complex workflows across a wide range of use cases. I deliver high polish designs that undergo rigorous analysis and validation.

Users designed for

I successfully plan and execute massive product launches viewed by millions of international users.

Businesses designed for

My experience includes launching digital products across industries from e-commerce to fintech for over 2 million businesses.

Countries designed for

My designs accommodate cross-border user needs spanning 175 countries, 133 currencies, and 20 languages.

applications live

I have designed and shipped end-to-end B2B and D2C apps which work perfectly across web, mobile, and tablet.

Featured designs

End-to-end product designs from concept to launch

Shopify Bundles

0 to 1 app design for selling bundles

Bundles is now officially on Shopify. I led the design process from concept to launch for the first ever native bundling solution available on Shopify so that millions of businesses can sell bundles effortlessly to online buyers.

Shopify Markets

New infrastructure for selling globally

Selling internationally used to be hard. Shopify Markets, a cross-border management tool, simplifies this for 2 million businesses. My impact includes delivering core features and infrastructure for entrepreneurs to sell from a single store.

More designs

Robust products I led and designed for scalability

Products creation
Every active Shopify business uses products creation. I led its major redesign as well as its design evolution including permissions, generative AI descriptions, mobile, and automated collections.
Multiple currency payouts
Cross-border businesses can get paid out in their preferred international currencies in order to save revenue which would otherwise be lost to hefty FX conversion fees.
Quantity controls
Merchants can set minimums, maximums, and increments on specific products in order to manage wholesale quantities for limited edition drops, restrictive sales, and large wholesale orders.
Local payment methods
Global customers can check out on their favorite stores with payment options they recognize. Local payment methods enable popular regional payment options that make sense for their country.
Small business loans
Small businesses can submit data and upload documents through a Chase secure file platform to receive Paycheck Protection Program loans which offer financial relief during the pandemic.
Digital resources
Site visitors can find centralized global infrastructure briefs relating to ongoing public-private partnerships between the World Bank and private institutions.

Full scale design

Deliver high quality user experiences to fit user and business needs

Design Skills
  • User research
  • Usability and A/B testing
  • Responsive, accessible design
  • Visual and interaction design
  • UX and product design
Design Direction
  • Trifecta leadership
  • Sprint & cycle planning
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product requirements
  • Success metrics
  • Team management
  • Design process
  • Design review
  • UX audits
  • Production testing

Let's innovate together

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